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Hello with love, Lello!

Create a loving community with the analysis-based emotional support!

We understand how difficult it is to form emotional bonds in an online& in-person learning environment. "Lello!" is an emotion-supporting app for teachers and students. With Lello, teachers can easily form a loving relationship with their students. Lello offers emotion analysis to students so that they can learn how to cope with their negative feelings.
Simply by introducing Lello, an emotion-analysis tool, a learning community can become a warm-hearted place where everyone is emotionally connected without missing a single precious student!



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After the user self-reports their daily feelings and events, the app analyzes their emotional trend using the Geneva Emotion Wheel (GEW), a theory-based data collection tool developed by the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences at the University of Geneva.

The emotional trend analysis is available to both students and teachers, and teachers can provide feedback accordingly with several features of the app.

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Teachers can assign students in support groups where they can safely share their emotions and life events with their close, like-minded friends.​

Lello's interactive features allow students to respond and react to one another, giving users a sense of belonging.

Members of the learning community can leave messages and comments in the Emotion Diary feature.

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This software strives to give an optimal experience for both students and teachers so that they can use it on a regular basis.


Teachers can view students' overall and individual emotional states by using the switch button on the top.

On the main page, students' daily missions are displayed with blocks and a progress bar, indicating how actively they used the app.

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